About Lewis Blanchard

Lewis Blanchard is a veteran law enforcement and former business owner. Most recently, Blanchard served the Burke County Sheriff’s Office as Chief Deputy, the second-in-command, and spent 4 years prioritizing transparency, properly managing budgets, acquiring and responsibly using grants, retaining employees, and boasting a 90% approval rating. Blanchard began his law enforcement career as a campus police officer in Columbia County Schools in 1990. He understands keeping communities safe starts with schools. Since then, he has served and been promoted within the Taliaferro County and Richmond County Sheriff’s Offices.

In between his public service, Blanchard started several businesses, giving him experience in budgeting, leadership, and problem-solving that’s often rare to find in this field. Blanchard’s exceptional contributions and dedication have been recognized through various awards. Notably, he was named “Public Safety Officer of the Year” in 1994 for his swift actions in saving the lives of two students facing medical emergencies. Additionally, his efforts to enhance police-community relations in minority neighborhoods earned him the “Law Enforcement Award” from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives in 2011. In 2013, he received the “Deputy of the Year” award from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, further highlighting his outstanding performance. His commitment to professional development and leadership was acknowledged with the “Trilogy Award” in 2019 from the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association’s Leadership program.

Blanchard’s journey, marked by continuous growth and meaningful contributions, serves as an inspiring example of a law enforcement professional and entrepreneur dedicated to making a positive impact on both his community and the field at large.


“I have to hold myself accountable first and only then can I hold others accountable to the law. I will keep that discipline as your next Sheriff and ensure there’s an open-door policy that keeps Burke County citizens informed.”


“No matter the circumstance, interacting with the sheriff’s office can be an impactful moment. Meeting people with sincerity opens up a critical dialogue whether we’re building relationships with youth or helping the victim of a crime.”


“If I prove I have integrity, you’ll let me keep you safe. An undiminished wholeness achieved by following a set of values to lead by example, take responsibility, and inspire confidence in my ability to keep you safe.”


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